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Welcome to your own journey within! No matter what particular issues you bring to therapy, you are about to embark on an inner path to transpersonal growth, empowerment, and well being!

Woman Standing on Dock
Woman Standing on Docks

Emphasis on Feelings

Why does experiential therapy put emphasis on feelings rather than on thoughts?

Feelings have long been blamed as being the cause of human suffering.   While feelings do carry out the role of letting us know that we are uncomfortable, they are not the cause, only the messenger. They deserve our attention and respect because it is through feelings that we experience the richness and depth of life, are able to feel appreciation, gratitude and love,  are able to enjoy nature, and are able to sense when we are on the wrong path.  We cannot access our true desires, intuition, sensitivity, and receptivity to life unless we respect and listen to our feelings. They will let us know when we are suffering and what changes we need to make for recovery and long lasting healing.