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Welcome to your own journey within! No matter what particular issues you bring to therapy, you are about to embark on an inner path to transpersonal growth, empowerment, and well being!

Woman Standing on Dock
Woman Standing on Docks

Fear of Feelings

I'm afraid to look at my feelings.

Often people are afraid that if they let in feelings that have been supressed, they will reexperience the pain they felt when the feelings first occurred. But there is a huge difference between living through the feelings the first time, and revisiting them in order to heal them. From the viewpoint of your intent to heal, your feelings are friends bringing needed information, not enemies or threats, and the healing of them brings relief, not more pain. The fear of the feelings exists only in the anticipation of approaching the feelings.  The instant you get in touch with them in a therapeudic environment, your attention connecting with these forgotten and neglected feelings brings a pleasant feeling of relief and rightness and release of the tension of holding back. It becomes immediately obvious that the feeling is your own personal response to something you have experienced, a part of your deepest self. After one or two experiences of this, you will learn to expect a pleasant experience and that will disempower any fear that initially arises.

Additionally, feelings cannot be selectively suppressed. Any feelings you have that have been suppressed automatically supress all of your feelings, including your joyful ,happy feelings and your feelings of love. If you are experiencing numbness or a lack of feeling in general, it is because of this. Suppressing any one feeling will suppress your entire emotional body. When you put attention on a single feeling you have been denying, you wake up all of your feelings and give yourself a richer, more fulfilling experience of life.