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Welcome to your own journey within! No matter what particular issues you bring to therapy, you are about to embark on an inner path to transpersonal growth, empowerment, and well being!

Woman Standing on Dock
Woman Standing on Docks

Quantum Therapy

What is quantum therapy?

Quantum physics is commonly accepted today as the cutting edge of scientific thought.  "The idea that material reality is the only reality has shaped our understanding for centuries, but now that idea is giving way to the revelations of quantum physics which go beyond materialism to show that consciousness, not matter, is the ground of all being." ** 

Quantum therapy applies this new understanding to psychotherapy. The commonly accepted purpose of therapy has long been to help clients to become well adjusted to society.  In quantum therapy the purpose of therapy has nothing to do with society.  It is about the person, the inner fulfillment of the individual person.  Quantum therapy applies to psychotherapy the concepts of quantum physics that everything we experience in our lives is a reflection of the feelings, thoughts and perceptions that we carry within; that energy, not matter, is the basis of life; that possibility is as real as actuality; and that all possiblities can be actualized.

True inner healing is possible by bringing back to consciousness and learning from feelings we are now holding in denial. The meaning of life lies in inner fulfillment which then finds it's way to everything we experience. 

**from Amit Goswami, theoretical quantum physicist