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Welcome to your own journey within! No matter what particular issues you bring to therapy, you are about to embark on an inner path to transpersonal growth, empowerment, and well being!

Woman Standing on Dock
Woman Standing on Docks


June 28, 2016 (updated 10/6/19)


The first question most therapists ask a new or potential client is, ‘Why are you here, what do you want to get from therapy?’  The answer is usually a description of problems the client would like to resolve.  In quantum therapy and other self- actualization therapies, the answer might include issues and problems, but at some point, the client will say something more like, ‘personal growth’, ‘self- actualization’,  ‘freedom’, or ‘peace’.    

The difference is the destination which people envision for themselves in their lives.    For some, the destination is simple, to stop the suffering. For others, it’s more hopeful, revolving around a search for meaning in their lives.  Meaning, though often assumed to come from the mind, is really a feeling.   A satisfied customer does not ask, ‘why am I here?’  While many therapy approaches focus on symptoms and solutions to issues, Quantum Psychology shifts the focus from thoughts to feelings and prioritizes the ‘ultimate’ question, the search for meaning.  

For me, this quote from Ceanne DeRohan’s book series, The Right Use of Will, comes the closest to defining the final destination of a successful inner journey on the quantum level. 

“I want to introduce you now to some feelings you have not known before, no matter what your impressions are of Heaven or the Godhead. These feelings are feelings of joy that do not have to deny anything in order to be joyful, feelings of joy that have no undercurrent feelings of being only an intermission in an ongoing war and joy that need not hold back because of what tomorrow may bring.”

While these experiences of joy beyond temporal happiness may have always eluded us, our hearts recognize them as familiar, desirable and essential.  Although they are experiences that we know we should be having and seem to be a natural part of life as it should be, they elude us as a result of our societal conditioning.   Societies (pretty much all of them today), impose on us a certain understanding of life, in which the potential described above is eliminated from our consciousness starting at birth, passed on from one generation to the next. Consider such clichés as, ‘You have to take the bad with the good’, ‘Life isn’t fair’, ‘Be realistic’, ‘Too good to be true’, 'You can’t have everything you want', etc. Throughout the socialization process, it is impressed on us that our innate understanding about the good and magical nature of life is not real and is no more than a dangerous dream or fantasy, the belief in which marks us as naïve, childish or crazy.

However, the revelations of quantum physics which are now becoming understood by many offer a new understanding of life beyond societal conditioning.  Our experiences during our waking lives are not that different from a night time dream. It is now understood that those ‘real’ experiences, as in night time dreams, stem from our own consciousness and specifically from our feelings, with thoughts being secondary.   What society teaches us is ‘only a dream’ is now scientifically showing itself to be the only true reality. As in dreams, our feelings are our truest responses,  determining what our experiences are in the world.  

The first step in this ultimate inner journey, which can start for you if and whenever you like, is to take back the destination of ending suffering, and replace it with a bigger picture, more reflective of one’s true aspirations and dreams for their own existence, even if they seem impossible in the context of compromise with societal conditioning. Think of life (as quantum physics defines it) as a state of infinite possibility and think of society as a state of limitation on that infinite possibility.  Do you really want to be making that compromise with something as important as your existence?

The same way red, crispy, round and tasty describe an apple; peace, love, beauty, harmony justice, and joy (as distinguished from temporal happiness) describe the potential of reality according to quantum understanding. Life is not life without these traits.  It is entirely up to you to decide the truth of this statement. If it makes sense to you, then it is yours.  

If it seems reasonable to you that this seemingly dreamlike reality is your birthright, you will want to understand how and why each of us eliminated this understanding from our own individual consciousness even though it was the most basic understanding we were born with.  This is difficult to find out because it was achieved before we were fully conscious of even having it. Through intimidation, peer pressure and a complicated system of false, self-perpetuating rationales, we were indoctrinated into giving up our personal integrity and autonomy, our trust in our own hearts and souls, our trust and understanding of our own feelings and our self-reliance, most of it in place before we graduated from kindergarten. 

One of the most important parts of this process of deception is our own complicity in it, originally called repression, and today better known as denial. It involves another huge misunderstanding, regarding the permanent and inevitable nature of what we have all come to know as our unconscious. 

While it is undeniable that we all have feelings stuck in a place where we don’t normally access them, it is not in the least true that this is our natural state nor that we are powerless to retrieve these denied feelings at any time. Somewhere along the line, not paying attention to something became known as that something becoming unconscious.  But it was and is no more unconscious than anything we are not paying attention to at any one moment.  That which is ‘unconscious’ becomes conscious upon being triggered by intent, memory, events, thoughts, and feelings, even odors, all the time.  As Carl Jung proposed, we are all perfectly capable of beginning the process of becoming wholly conscious if and when we are ready to. Consciousness refers to that which we focus our attention on, but whole consciousness only sees what our heart pays attention to.  

The first challenge is to understand how ‘the unconscious’ came about and how we contributed to it.  We have been taught, but we have also chosen to accept into our own belief systems, that some of our natural feelings and perceptions, no matter how deeply felt and obvious they seem to us, are unacceptable and we should not have them, let alone express them.  These feelings and perceptions are no different from the feelings and perceptions that we accept and express, except that they have been labeled as bad and we have been taught that they must be repressed in order to maintain the illusion of a peaceful society.  Although we have been intimidated and coerced, we also must take responsibility for personally adopting these understandings so that we may see that we have the freedom to discard them if we see fit. And to keep from creating new ‘unconscious’ memories in the future, we need to be very clear that we do not gain anything by denying our feelings and perceptions into ‘unconsciousness’.

In the journey to the place of ever evolving joy, peace, clarity, love, knowledge, harmony and justice, known as Plato’s archetypes or ‘The Ultimate’ in eastern religion, it is very good to know the destination and to acknowledge consciously its high priority in your heart.  The route to be taken is that of clearing the channels of understanding by becoming fully aware of the feelings and perceptions presently making up your ‘unconscious’, as well as becoming fully aware of the longing of your own heart for complete fulfillment.  In other words, know that you desire to become fully aware, without compromise, of all your feelings and true responses to life.  So long as what you truly feel continues to be unrecognized by you (‘unconscious’), it will inevitably continue to create insurmountable obstacles to reaching your destination of fulfillment.

One huge distinction between Quantum and Newtonian understanding is the place of evil in those understandings. There is a Hindu story about that.  If you have a dark room and you want to make it light, you must bring in a source for of light, such as a light bulb or the sun.  Now, if you want to make it dark again, you cannot bring in a source for darkness, because there is no such thing. To make it dark, you must remove the source for light.  Darkness is nothing more than the absence of light. Quantum physics teaches that  consciousness, the ground of all being, when not contaminated by conditioning, knows only pure goodness and love. You can feel this in your own heart as a constant wish for society to get closer to goodness and love, even though it never seems to actually happen.

In order to make the leap from the 'practical' familiar illusion we have always known, to the magical world of quantum reality to which we may feel drawn, we need to take another look at our decision to stick with the known even when it is not working for us. While the quantum world is completely familiar to the heart, it is unknown to the mind, where we have learned to put all our trust. To make this choice, we must rethink our doubts that we can have the kind of existence we truly desire and consciously choose to end conditioned negativity toward the endless possibilities of being alive, renounce habitual risk avoidance, fear to hope, non-productive attachment and positive thinking (denial).

As the denied feelings are brought back to consciousness, it will become second nature to look to the heart for guidance and understanding and leave behind the denial imbued mind with its never-ending misunderstanding and misguidance. Society is designed so that you must relate to the mind to relate to it, but that doesn’t mean you have to be obsessed with it. If it appeals to you, try declaring to yourself that you must be fulfilled and that even if you have no idea how it can happen, it must happen. In this way, you will be able to put society in its proper place within the infinitely bigger picture of life itself, and give your most profound hopes and dreams some room to come true!    

When that happens, the path of your own heart will become clear to you, and that will change everything.