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Welcome to your own journey within! No matter what particular issues you bring to therapy, you are about to embark on an inner path to transpersonal growth, empowerment, and well being!

Woman Standing on Dock
Woman Standing on Docks

Attend a prearranged Therapy Session



 If you have made an appointment for a therapy session, at the scheduled time, please  click on  whichever following link has been prearranged:  


Username:  vcr.quantumviewtherapy 
Password:  therapysession




If you experience any difficulty during this process, please write to me at [email protected], or call 575-590-2459 (Mondays and Wednesdays) or 575-535-2762 (any other day of the week).                 

If you would like a video therapy session with me and do not have an appointment yet, please click on 'contact me' in the left hand column or see the contact info at the top right corner of the page. 



[email protected]